The current Guidelines on cardiovascular disease and diabetes are designed to guide prevention and management of the manifestations of CVD in patients with diabetes.
In contrast to the previous 2019 ESC Guidelines on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases—only focus on CVD and diabetes and - given the lack of clear evidence - leave aside the aspect of pre-diabetes.
This version of the Guidelines gives recommendations on CV risk stratification as well as on screening, diagnosis, and treatment of CVD in patients with diabetes.
Based on evidence from large CVOTs, the current Guidelines provide clear recommendations on how to reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with diabetes and how to treat patients with diabetes and clinical manifestations of cardio-renal disease such as atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and chronic kidney disease.
Special considerations have been given to a multifactorial, interdisciplinary approach, which should involve healthcare providers from different disciplines and areas of expertise to support shared decision-making and implement a personalised treatment strategy.
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