Know your risk, Know your response is the slogan for IDF’s (International Diabetes Federation) campaign to mark Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day this November.

Our actions focus on the importance of knowing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes to delay or prevent the condition. We highlight the impact of diabetes-related complications, stressing the need to access the right information and care to ensure timely treatment and management.

Want to join us? Here are four ways to get involved:

  • Share our type 2 diabetes risk assessment tool to help people in your community learn about their risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Boost your diabetes knowledge with free courses for healthcare professionals and people with diabetes from the IDF School of Diabetes.
  • Download and display our visual assets. Posters, social visuals and web banners are available, with more resources coming soon.
  • Organise an activity in your community, workplace or online to promote the campaign theme and key messages.

From individual actions to large-scale celebrations and awareness activities, let us know what you’re planning so we can promote your activities as part of the countdown to 14 November. Please share your activities on our dedicated online platform.

From IDF

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