Publikationer NDR vuxen 2020
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ry for intermittent claudication caused by infrainguinal atherosclerotic disease in patients with diabetes - a nationwide obser- vational cohort study. Vasa. 18 december 2020;1–7.

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Publikationer Swediabkids 2020
1. Samuelsson J, Samuelsson U, Hanberger L, Bladh M, Åkesson K.Poor metabolic control in childhoodstrongly correlates to diabetes-related premature death in persons <30years of age-A population-basedcohort study. Pediatr Diabetes. 2020 Jan 14
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4. Svensson J, Møller Sildorf S , Bøjstrup J, Kreine S, Skrivarhaug T, Hanberger L, Petersson C, Åkesson K,Frøisland D H, Chaplin JThe DISABKIDS© generic and diabetes specific modules are valid but not directlycomparable between Denmark, Sweden and Norway Pediatr Diabetes.2020 Aug;21(5):900-908
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