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Welcome Address

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the 2022 Scientific Programme Committee, I have the pleasure of welcoming you to the 58th EASD Annual Meeting in my home town Stockholm.

This year we will merge onsite and online participation into a new vibrant hybrid experience and a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary scientific exchange, dialogue and debate.

Regardless of whether you are a clinician, basic scientist, nurse, health-care professional, or young academic, the Scientific Programme of the EASD Annual Meeting 2022 will deliver an abundance of new knowledge covering the latest innovations and developments in the treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and their associated complications.

I look forward to seeing you – onsite or online – in September 2022.

Mikael Rydén, prof, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Honorary Secretary EASD


Welcome Address

Dear Members and Guests,

After two years of online meetings during the
pandemic, we finally have the chance to get
together again and I look forward to seeing as
many of you in Stockholm, Sweden as possible.

Don’t worry, we will not miss the chance to reach out to you, and therefore, the 58th EASD Annual Meeting will be a hybrid event, making sure all the novel information that will be presented during the Meeting can be readily available to all.

A significant effortort has been made by the Scienti ProgrammeCommittee to develop a programme covering the most recent develop-ments and breaking news in the various elds of research in diabetesand its related complications.

Across up to nine parallel tracks, a wide range of topics will be discussed during exciting symposia, thought-pro- voking debates, prize lectures, numerous oral and short oral discussion sessions, and a dedicated e-Learning track.

New formats will characterize the 58th EASD Annual Meeting. Please, check out the short oral discussion presentations online beforehand and join the live discussion during the sessions to actively participate in debating the many newresearch ndings.

But there is even more than that. We are embarkingon more ecologic sustainability of the EASD Annual Meeting and with the 58th edition this year we will start our green strategy with less traveling, less paper, and less waste.

For all these reasons the 58th EASD Annual Meeting will represent a unique opportunity for the global diabetes community.

On behalf of theEASD Board and the entire EASD team, I invite you to join us in personor online - in both cases, it will be a new experience.

We look forward to welcoming all of you! Let’s get together and continue ghting diabetes!

Stefano Del Prato

President EASD/EFSD


About EASD

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes e.V. (EASD) is anon-pro t, medical scienti c association with the aim to encourage and support research in the eld of diabetes, the rapid di usion of acquiredknowledge and to facilitate its application.

EASD is one of the largest networks for diabetologists worldwide. Membership is open to health care professionals, scientists, nurses and students from all over the world whoare interested in the eld of diabetes.

The EASD Annual Meeting is one of the largest diabetes-related confer-ences in the world, the scienti cprogramme includes more than 1,200 talks and presentations on the latest results in basic and clinical diabetes research.

EASD is also actively involved in
postgraduate education with a portfolio ranging from e-Learning activities to basic hands-on training courses including workshops to focused meet-ings on speci c topics of diabetes research and care to collaborationswith national associations across the globe.

In 2000, EASD increased its commit- ment to stimulate diabetes research in Europe by creating the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD). Since its inception, the EFSD has committed over €100 million to diabetes research in Europe by various funding means.

EASD is the publisher of the journal Diabetologia, a major monthly inter- national diabetes journal with a high and rising impact factor.

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www red DiabetologNytt