Det årliga mötet för Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SSSD).
Mötet för 2020 äger rum den 16-18 april i Trondheim. Dead-line  för abstrakts är satt till 1:a februari.  
Information om mötet ligger på SSSDs websida 

SSSD2020 Program 

(preliminary program)

Scandic Nidelven, Trondheim

Thursday April 16

09.00-12.00       Presymposium / registration

12.00-13.00       Lunch

13.00-13.15       Welcome

                            Diabetes epidemiology

13.15-14.00       Ed Gregg, London: Great divides in the direction of the diabetes epidemic

14.00-14.25       Bjørn Olav Åsvold, Trondheim: Diabetes epidemiology in Trøndelag: update from the HUNT Study

14.25-15.00       Kåre Birkeland, Oslo: Cardiovascular complications in diabetes – registry studies or randomized controlled trials?

15.00-15.30       Coffee break and exhibition

15.30-16.30       Oral abstract presentations

                         The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation Awards

16.30-17.15       Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation's Johnny Ludvigsson Nordic Prize

17.15-17.45       The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation's Johnny Ludvigsson Prize to a Young Swedish Scientist lecture


                            Welcome reception

18.15                 Walk to Nidarosdomen

19.00-19.30       Courtesy of the mayor of Trondheim: Organ recital in Nidarosdomen

19.30-                Welcome reception, Café To Tårn

Friday April 17

                            Diabetes technology

08.30-09.00       Sverre Christiansen/Sven Carlsen, Trondheim: Intraperitoneal insulin administration

09.00-09.30       Eirik Årsand, Tromsø: How people with diabetes increasingly are creating self-management systems and helping                                   each other on social media

09.30-10.00       Kirsten Nørgaard: Experience with Medtronic 670G

10.00-10.30       Oral abstract presentations

10.30-11.00       Coffee break and exhibition

                            Gestational diabetes

11.00-11.40       Elisabeth Mathiesen: Insulin treatment in gestational diabetes

11.40-12.30       Oral abstract presentations

12.30-13.30       Lunch

                            Novo Nordisk Foundation Award Lecture

13.30-14.30       The Novo Nordisk Foundation Award Lecture

                            Obesity and metabolic syndrome

14.30-15.00       Dag Hofsø, Tønsberg: When and how should we treat patients with type 2 diabetes with bariatric surgery?

15.00-15.30       Simon Dankel, Bergen: Why does obesity lead to insulin resistance and diabetes?

15.30-16.00       Coffee break and exhibition

16.00-16.35       Mikael Rydén, Stockholm: Some novel aspects on white adipose tissue function in mice and men

16.35-17.15       Oral abstract presentations


17.15-18.00       Marcel den Hoed, Uppsala: Functional follow-up of GWAS findings


18.00-18.45       The annual SSSD general assembly

19.30-                Congress dinner

Saturday April 18

                           Diabetes classification and precision medicine

08.30-09.00       Pål Njølstad, Bergen: Monogenic diabetes

09.00-09.40       Leif Groop, Malmö: New phenotypic classification of diabetes

09.40-10.20       Markku Laakso, Kuopio: New genetic classification of diabetes

10.20-10.50       Oral abstract presentations

10.50-11.20       Coffee break and exhibition


11.20-12.20       Knud Lundbæk Award lecture

12.20-12.50       SSSD Young Investigator Awards

12.50-13.00       Closing of the meeting

13.00-14.00       Lunch and farewell



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