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The American Diabetes Association ADA just published its 2017 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes Care.
Make sure you have a copy of the new version to help you in clinical practice, skriver ADA
The new Standards include guidelines on:
• Screening adults and youth with diabetes for diabetes distress, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, and when to refer to a mental health specialist
• Advising on lifestyle management issues such as physical activity and sleepAssessing comorbidities as part of a comprehensive patient-centered evaluationExpanding indications for metabolic surgery
• Providing more choices for people with diabetes who also have hypertension Considering two specific glucose-lowering medications to patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease in order to lower the risk of death
Other updates include:
• New insulin algorithm, which offers more glucose management options for people with type 2 diabetes
• Revised guidelines on hypoglycemia
• Detailed tables addressing estimated average monthly costs of glucose lowering medicines
The American Diabetes Association also has published an abridged version of the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes for primary care providers.
This version appears in Clinical Diabetes.
Download your copy today.
ADA Standards of Care are based on a complete review of the relevant literature by a diverse group of highly trained clinicians and researchers. After weighing the quality of evidence, from rigorous double-blind clinical trials to expert opinion, recommendations are drafted, reviewed, and submitted for approval to the ADA Executive Committee; they are then revised on a regular basis, and subsequently published in Diabetes Care.
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