FoU-kurs Metabolic disorders including diabetes mellitus (1,5 ECTS) i Umeå 17-21 oktober. Både doktorander och post docs från andra lärosäten kan söka enligt nedanstående, dock  senast 22/6. Bifogar prel schema. 
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It is still possible to apply to the doctoral course Metabolic disorders including diabetes mellitus (1,5 ECTS) which we give in Umeå this fall. October 17-21. Both doctoral students and post docs are eligible. If you are interested, please apply as soon as possible, not later than June 22, to course secretary Kerstin Rosenqvist Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.. For details, see attached preliminary schedule.

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Tommy Olsson and Mats Ryberg

Preliminary schedule 160510

Metabolic disorders including diabetes - October 17-21, 2016 at Umeå University 

Course leaders: Tommy Olsson, Mats Ryberg 

Course secretary: Kerstin Rosenqvist 

Monday 17 October 

Theme: Obesity 

Introduction to the course 13.00-13.30 Tommy Olsson 

Obesity and obesity-related disorders 13.30-14.30 Tommy Olsson 

Coffee 14.30-15.00 

Obesity surgery 15.00-15.45 Lars Boman 

The importance of brown fat 16.00-16.45 Sven Enerbäck 

Tuesday 18 October 

Theme: The metabolic syndrome 

Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases 08.30-10.00 Bo Carlberg 

Coffee 10.00-10.30 

Lipid metabolism, lipid transport 10.30-11.15 Gunilla Olivecrona 

Lipid biology 11.15-12.00 Bo Angelin 

Mini symposium: Type 2 diabetes pathophysiology 

Insulin resistance 13.30-14.15 Juleen Zierath 

The role of the islet cells 14.15-15.00 Helena Edlund 


The fatty liver 15.00-15.45 Jan Borén 

Intestinal microbiota 15.45-16.30 Fredrik Bäckhed 

Wednesday 19 October 

Theme: Type 2 diabetes epidemiology and treatment 

Epidemiology 08.30-09.15 Olov Rolandsson 

Pharmacological treatment 09.15-10.00 Olov Rolandsson 

Coffee 10.00-10.30 

Lifestyle interventions, obesity and diabetes 10.30-11.15 Bernt Lindahl 

Primary prevention of obesity: NEAT 11.15-12.00 Frida Bergman 

Demonstration of various research techniques DXA, REE, accelerometers, clamp/MR 13.00-16.30 KFC (4 groups) 

Thursday 20 October 

Demonstration of various research techniques 

DXA, REE, accelerometers, clamp/MR 08.30-12.00 KFC (4 groups) 

Theme: Type 1 diabetes 

Epidemiology/pathophysiology 13.00-13.45 Gisela Dahlqvist 

Pharmacological treatment 13.45-14.30 Mats Ryberg 

Coffee 14.30-15.00 

Current aspects on islet cell transplantation 15.00-15.45 Olle Korsgren 

Friday 21 October 

Theme: Diabetes complications 

Eyes 08.30-09.00 Daniel Kjellgren 

Kidneys 09.00-09.30 Michael Ott 

Peripheral nervous system 09.30-10.00 Lars-Johan Liedholm